Certificate of Warranty

Certificate of Warranty

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Total Care Restoration does hereby warranty a temporary polyethylene roof for a period of 12 months from the above completion date with all the labor along with manufacture 12 month warranty on materials.

In the event any repairs or adjustments become necessary within the warranty period due to defects, faulty workmanship or construction, such repairs as shall be necessary shall be made by the Contractor, free of charge.

The Contractor reserves the right to make any repairs that may be necessary to correct such defects, faulty workmanship or construction, and the Owner shall have no cause of action against the contractor unless the contractor shall fail to make the repairs necessary to correct such defective materials or workmanship.

This Warranty shall be subject to the following exceptions:

  1. This warranty is assignable one time.
  2. The contractor shall not be responsible for any damages caused by settlement of the building.
  3. Damages to property caused by destruction of property by the willful or negligent acts of the owner or others on property.
  4. Latent defects in materials not apparent to the Contractor at the time of installation or insufficiencies of materials due to deviation by manufacturer or supplier of materials in manufacture of processing thereof.
  5. Contractor not responsible for damages or leakage caused by act of nature, such as any named storm, Hail storm, Tornados or any felled object.

This warranty shall be void in the event the above-named owner shall fail to give the contractor notice within 48 hours of such claimed defects, or in the event the owner or any one on his behalf shall attempt to alter or change the contractor's work prior to inspection thereof by the contractor or its agent.